Repairs & New Roofs in Leicestershire

Dry verges

Ridge, hip, valley and verge roof systems all come under the “dry fix” umbrella. 

Commonly dry verges are interlocking caps that fit over the edge of your roof tiles and are screwed into the structure of the roof. This in turn offers a much more effective and more importantly, durable alternative to wet verges.

A wet verge is simply the mortar that fixes the edge of roofing to the eaves. The main issue is that over time this cracks and becomes displaced and therefore needs constant maintenance as well as being more prone to leaks.

The top of your roof is protected by dry ridge coping tiles that screw in to your roof, they are more reliable than the old system of using clay or stone ridge tiles that are mortared into place.

Typically dry ridges and verges come in grey, black or brown to match your home. Other colours can be sourced.

We source dry verges that manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS 5534 and BS 8612.

Dry verge in black PVC
Wet verge
Wet verge – Mortar cracking in need of maintenance

uPVC Roofline

Dry verges are typically made from uPVC and are maintenance free. We can supply uPVC in a range of colours – black, white, grey, brown and more.

Listed Properties

It may be that your listed building requires wet verges – please check the planning application.