Roof Gully Repair

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Roof Gully Repair

Roof valleys and gullies are an integral part of your roof. These are channels running up and down the angles and “folds” of your roof.

This property was in Glenfield, Leicester, the roof gully was leaking and we were called in to investigate.

The leak was due to a number of issues, poor installation of the gully that resulted in the roof felt being ripped, a large build up of rubble and finally areas where there was no roof felt at all!

Gully to be repaired
Roof tiles removed to show issues with felting
Repaired gully
Gully repaired and water tight.

Our gully repairs are completed with the best quality roofing felt and leadwork to ensure a long lasting repair to your roof gully. We repoint all areas and clear away all rubble ensuring the site is left clean and tidy.

Poor state of the roof before our repairs with badly fitted felt and rubble
Watch a short video of the new felt being laid